Christmas cards turn back into trees with our recycling scheme

BTCV school hedge tree packs

I just want to say a massive “thank you” for the huge amount of support you gave us last year with our Christmas card recycling scheme. What a great job – highest rate of cards received ever!

With the money generated from recycling them we are working with the BTCV, one of our favourite environmental charities. Together we are giving away 200 free hedge tree packs to schools nationwide.

The species chosen have been selected as they are well suited for use in school grounds, are hardy and attractive to birds and wildlife. This scheme will see kids learning outside and having fun along with better understanding the environment they live in – we think it’s a great way to get kids really engaged with their environment.

Check out the link to the site here if you want more information and keep your eyes peeled for the 2011 Christmas card recycling scheme which we’re launching at the end of December. Lets see if we can smash the amount raised in 2010!

If you are a school then you can request your free hedging pack here.

Posted by Julian on 05 September 2011
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