Bread, milk, lottery ticket...oh! and a charge for your electric car

It’s true – if you live in London and shop in our stores at Roehampton, Kingston, Colindale, Wembley or Dagenham and are one of the thousands of people who drive an electric car (EV) then you can now top up your car whilst you fill your trolley. And as you would expect from Asda it’s low price – in fact it’s free!

We’ve even put a charging post in our car park at Asda House in Leeds and colleagues there are also currently enjoying free use of a Smart EV for any trips they need to do during the day. It’s been so popular that we now have to ask colleagues to book it days in advance!

Justine Greening

Last week we were delighted to welcome the MP for Roehampton & Treasury Minister, Justine Greening, to our store in Roehampton so that she could officially open our EV charging facility there. We were also supported by ChargeMaster who supply the charging kit and by Nissan.

Nissan have grasped the nettle of the EV by making it normal. When people think of an electric car they think of weird looking machines more like something out of Star Trek than driving to work but the brand new Nissan Leaf is really different.

Not only it is normal in look and feel and has a 100 mile range but it cost just 2.5p a mile to run – unbelievable value compared to 7.4p a mile for a frugal standard engine saving nearly £1,500 a year. It also has longer servicing intervals, free road fund and goes like a rocket! No lack of driving fun there at all.

The vblog has more details on the Leaf for you (sorry about the shakes but it was freezing!!). Our thanks to Justine not only for launching the facility but also for steering the Treasury into ensuring a cash discount on all EVs bought from next year – from driving in the Leaf I know we will see a lot more EVs on the road.

Posted by Julian on 16 December 2010
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