All the luck of the Irish

OK, well not exactly luck but the result of everyone working on sustainability at Asda’s hard graft delivering against our Sustainability 2.0 Strategy. Earlier this year we decided to enter the Business in the Community’s (BiTC) 13th Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey. This survey really goes into detail and took Ellie and Sarah in my team weeks to complete. It looks at our sustainability strategy and progress we have made against delivering our public targets and it demands hard evidence to back up our claims.

In BiTC’s own words “This is widely recognised as the principal measure of environmental engagement in Northern Ireland, and examines the leading 200 companies, 26 local authorities, five Health Trusts and the education sector.”

We were delighted to be recognised as a leading sustainable business in Northern Ireland by being awarded a Quintile One accolade. To put this into scale no supermarket got a higher result and we were in good company with this result alongside the Co-Op.

Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys and Tesco also did well with a Quintile Two result.

You can see the full results here. Rest assured that we will continue to deliver against our sustainability strategy – you may see less
overt marketing on sustainability from us than from other companies but this is because we believe in just getting on with it. This award reinforces this view for us and also how our approach of making sustainability affordable and accessible for all is so important.

By the way if you haven’t yet read our groundbreaking customer study ‘Green Is Normal’ then I’d recommend taking a look.

Posted by Julian on 12 December 2011
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