Travelling the world - all in the name of the customer

Just returned from China where I have been with the Wal-Mart team over there checking out the new product ranges that they have in their stores, taking a look at how they do things and what we can bring back to Asda for our customers.

I found it fascinating taking a look at what’s new and exciting in the shops in Hong Kong, seeing which way the new trends in consumer electronics are going. Just as I expected, the technology trends are well ahead of the UK. On TV for example, we are still focused on selling HD Ready LCD product in the UK as we don’t really have access to an abundance of free HD content, but looking around HK it’s easy to see that both Full HD with LED screens (as opposed to LCD) is taking the market by storm.

The other reason for being out in China was to drop in on a couple of our suppliers to see them making Asda product on their production lines for Christmas. We’re really focused on making sure that the quality of what we sell is first class and, even though the product is made at the other side of the world, it’s critical that we know it’s made well, to the correct standards and that as a buyer we are constantly working with the manufacturers to improve the product.

Here you can see the team working on assembling some of the products that you’ll see in our shops this Christmas. The blue cords you can see ensure that both the product and the colleagues remain safe and static-free when handling the electrical parts and you, the customer, get a great product.

Posted by Craig on 30 September 2009
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