Spread The Love - Asda launches first chilled chocolate spread in the UK

Hi Everyone, sorry not been blogging as much recently been very busy in the world of all things dairy but back now with something a bit cheeky…and lots more news to share with you over the coming weeks.

Last week, we launched the first chilled chocolate spread available in the UK which is proving music to the ears of many women (and men) across the country.

Asda's new chocolate spread The spread is a velvety smooth, dairy spread made with real Belgian chocolate and because it’s dairy based, it’s lower fat, has fewer calories and with no artificial colours or additives it’s perfect for women who want to watch their figure.

We developed this spread to help image-conscious women who like to indulge in a real chocolate treat but don’t want to pile on the pounds

The dairy-based spread goes perfectly with the more traditional toast, pancakes and donuts without compromising on flavour, or dollop a spoonful on some on strawberries for a yummy treat

We also found out as part our research that 1 in 6 shoppers have admitted to using chocolate spread or some other kind of food in the bedroom. It’s the most popular food used for steamy sessions ahead of whipped cream, strawberries and even ice cream.

Louise Spickernell in my team who developed this product think it will be a real hit as “The lower calories but rich chocolate flavour mean that shoppers can enjoy themselves without the guilt”.

The ASDA chocolate spread currently retails at £1.48.


Twitter competition: Our re-tweet competition to win a year’s supply of our new chocolate spread has now closed. See Your Asda for full details and Ts&Cs.

Posted by Dawn on 09 July 2010
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