Say Cheese!!

Hi Everyone, I hope that you’re having an enjoyable Easter break – I’ve had a busy few weeks getting ready for Christmas (yes Christmas) which I’ll share with you in a later blog but I wanted to make aware of a fantastic competition we have been running in the ASDA Mag.

In 2009 ASDA won 154 awards for our own label cheese and won more awards in retailer classes than any other retailer – so we like to think we know a bit about cheese!! In fact we are the big cheese!

This year we need your help to win even more awards for our cheese and we want your help in creating a new cheese idea

Additive CheeseYou will no doubt be familiar with the cheese with additions such as Wensleydale and Cranberry which is very popular with our customers at Christmas – we want you to come up with your very own cheese with additions

All the details are in the magazine on page 95 – basically we are asking you to choose a hard base cheese ie cheddar, red leicester etc and then add up to 5 ingredients – you then have to tell us in no more than 100 words – why we should make and stock this and you also get the opportunity to suggest a name. You don’t have to make the cheese we do that bit – its the 100 words in which you will see your idea..

The winning cheese will be chosed by a panel of judges including Celebrity Master Chef contestant Sean Wilson (you may know him as Martin Platt from Coronation Street) who now makes his own fantastic cheese.

Nantwich Cheese ShowWe will then make the product, the winner will be invited to attend this, we will stock the product and we will enter it in to an independent cheese show – ie the cheese oscars

It’ll be great fun to do and might help keep the older kids occupied over the Easter Break.

Posted by Dawn on 02 April 2010
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