Introducing our new range of Mexican meals

Spice up your meal tonight with one of our new Mexican meals in store Monday.

We have a range of tasty ready meals to serve one or two people, from smoky flavours to fiery hot there is something for everyone!


Meals include:

Chicken Chimichanga – Did you know the word chimichanga is Spanish for thingamajig!? Ours are crisp tortilla parcels with a spicy tomato and chilli chicken filling with a side of herby rice and red kidney beans- great with a dollop of sour cream and Guacamole.

Classic chilli and rice – rich and spicy beef chilli with red kidney beans and a hint of smoky chipotle chilli served with fluffy long grain rice.

Fiery Mexican chicken – Marinated chicken breast in a fiery pepper sauce, with spicy rice and red kidney beans. Did you know red chillies are 2-3 times hotter than green chillies and there are lots of red chillies in this dish!

Meatballs and rice – Pork and beef meatballs in a smouldering chipotle chilli sauce with herby Mexican green rice

Chilli and chocolateJumble Jambalaya – A jumble of all your favourite Mexican ingredients, marinated chicken breast, juicy king prawns and spicy chorizo with sizzling seasoned rice, red peppers, tomatoes and chilli

Chicken with chocolate a chilli – know as chicken Mole in Mexico this is a classic Mexican dish, tender chicken breast in a rich chocolate and chilli sauce served with herby green rice

Mexican Favourites!

Classic chicken fajitas – Smoky marinated chicken breast strips with onion, peppers, soft flour tortillas, chunky salsa and sour cream.

Beef Burrito – traditional tortilla parcels filled with spicy beef chilli, peppers and rice.

Chicken Enchiladas – A classic favourites- Soft flour tortillas with seasoned chicken breast, rice and peppers in a spicy tomato sauce generously topped with cheddar and jalapeño peppers.

Chicken Quesadillas – the Mexican take on a toasty! Tender chicken breast in a smoky chipotle chilli sauce between crisp tortillas topped with onion, peppers and Monterey jack cheese.

Chilli nachos – Spicy beef chilli with crisp tortilla chips and melty tangy cheese.

The whole range will be £2 so keep your eyes peeled and try a taste of Mexico!

Posted by Sarah on 07 September 2012
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