Introducing Dawn Clements

Dawn Clements Hi, my name’s Dawn Clements and I am the Core Chilled product management team leader at Asda. What that very long title actually means is that my team and I look after the safety, quality and development of all core chilled Own Label products at Asda.

This covers everything from milk, eggs, juice, smoothies, yoghurts to cheese, cooked meats and tapas…so quite a wide area but a very interesting one. We develop products with suppliers from idea to launch, we win awards for our products especially in cheese, we investigate customer complaints with suppliers, we are constantly panelling our products to ensure they are always of consistent quality for our customers and that we are as good as and, in lots of cases, better than our competition.

My team and I are affectionately known as the Dairy Divas because we are so passionate about our products we have been to know to have a few ‘diva’ moments when things aren’t right!

I look forward to lifting the lid on the world of Core Chilled.

‘Dairy’ Dawn

Posted by Dawn on 23 February 2010
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