Healthy lunch ideas for the new year!

We know lunchtime can be a struggle in January when you’re recovering from a Christmas eating fest… You want something that’s healthy but still tasty so you can lose those extra Christmas pounds painlessly! Well here’s some lunchtime choices from the chilled aisle to help you through:

Option 1

We know healthy eating can be bland so we’ve worked really hard with our supplier to develop a tasty NEW Chosen By You Snack pot for you! Cottage cheese is a great solution as it’s high in protein (keeping you feeling full for longer) but low in fat. The snack pot contains our usual GFY cottage cheese, 4 crackers and a generous helping of tangy tomato chutney which you can either stir into the cottage cheese or spoon on top of your crackers. Makes lunch a bit more interesting (but at less than 300cals and less than 3% fat)! Try it now while it’s only £1!

Option 2

Also in your lunchbox, you could take a Reduced Fat Houmous Mini Pot and enjoy this with wholemeal pitta bread, light crisp-breads or simply pair with some veg like carrot sticks, celery, peppers, cucumber etc if you are really trying to cut out the carbs! There are a few different flavours (like red pepper & chilli and lemon & coriander) to choose from so you don’t get bored – these are quick and easy for lunch or why not use as a guilt-free snack instead of naughty chocolate!! Only £1 too!

Option 3

Alternatively, if you can’t give up your usual sarnies or wraps, why not try our NEW Reduced Fat Chicken & Bacon filler which has the same great taste as the standard version but has 35% less fat with our low-fat mayo! This means you don’t need to compromise on flavour but will see the rewards on the scales! And as an added bonus, you’re cutting costs by making your own sarnies when you’re trying to recover from Christmas spending – perfect!

Posted by Steph on 13 January 2012
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