'Grate' Ideas For The Cheese Competition

The cheese competition entries have been coming in thick and fast and we have had some great ideas already – still got a few weeks until the closing date.

Cheese competition

Have spent quite a bit of time with my team (The Dairy Divas) looking at the ideas and discussing the art of the possible in terms of how we could make them into cheese – we have the formal short-listing on the 6th May so not long to go now.

Cheese competition
Use this link to ASDA Magazine online to see all the details and Terms and Conditions – don’t forget the closing date is 30 April.

Thought it would be a great idea to share a cheese joke I heard over Easter thought it would make you smile and might even raise a chuckle..

What cheese do you use to hide a horse ?

Mascarpone (Mask – A – Pony)

Made me laugh!

Thats all for now – log on over the next few weeks to find about plans for Christmas and also Cheese Grading..

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‘Dairy’ Dawn

Posted by Dawn on 19 April 2010
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