Eggs....but not as you know them!!

Hello… I hope that you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather and for some of you time off school or work!

This time of year is all about new beginnings and is also about eggs and chocolate eggs in the main so I wanted to show you something different to do with standard eggs. This took me back to my school days but this is about decorating standard hens eggs.

Now first you need to blow the egg so that you have a hollow shell – it’s not as hard as it sounds but does take some practice I can vouch for that…4 eggs later.

Egg CressTo blow an egg you need to make two holes one at each end of the egg using the pointed blade of small scissors and then put one hole to your mouth and you blow the contents of the egg into a bowl. Wash them inside and out before you decorate OR do what I did ad planted cress seeds in the egg once I had removed the top.
The hole needs to be big enough to spoon the compost in, sprinkle in the seeds cover with compost dampen and watch and wait. I then drew some faces on the eggs and brought them to life.

You can have all sorts of decorating fun with eggs, PVA glue and felt tips or paint.

Enjoy! I’ll be back soon to talk about the Royal Wedding and ‘Cake Middleton’…coming soon!

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Posted by Dawn on 18 April 2011
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