Charity coffee morning... and what cheese to pair with rose wine...

Hello again!

What a busy title – its never dull in the world of Core Chilled!!

Hope that you are enjoying the warm weather and getting into the BBQ zone – there is nothing better than a glass of rose in the sun..

On a warm sunny day there are few wines more refreshing than a bottle of rose. It’s perfect with almost any type of meal: brunch, picnics, appetizers, BBQs, and even fancy dinner parties. When serving rose with cheese, look for cheese that will pair well with the bracing acidity and subtle berry flavors that are typical of a dry rose.

Goats cheese has a tangy flavour that pairs well with wines that are bright and pleasantly acidic. Soft goat cheese pairs best with rose , Try our tangy feta as its a great match with the acidity in rose. Serve the feta alone or paired with some of our fantastic olives and houmous for an appetizer.

Cake sale

Anyway back to the coffee morning just wanted to share some of the great things we do at ASDA that make its such a fab place to work – we did a charity coffee morning in ASDA House on St Georges Day in aid of Help For Heroes (well it was more of a cake sale as we didn’t actually have any coffee). We love to do events in the office as everybody gets involved and has fun as well as raising lots of money for a very worthwhile cause.

We had a number of amazing cakes that we auctioned of whole as well as slices and individual cakes…2 favourites were the Yellow Brick Road Cake and the Coffee Cup Cake

Cake sale

Well thats its for now – will be blogging again soon with more news from the world of Dairy and Core Chilled…

Posted by Dawn on 24 April 2010
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