Meet Alice - part of the Asda Beer, Wines and Spirits team

Hi everyone! I recently joined the BWS team as the new category planner! Talk about a lot to learn, this is all very different to the world of buying which I am used to!

The first few weeks have been packed with new and exciting opportunities, the biggest being involved in the Autumn/Winter Wine Press tasting day down in London. Having no real idea what I was meant to be doing, I was soon being ordered around by the lovely Katie who’s wealth of experience meant we successfully set up everything on the Tuesday and had a fantastic PR day with the journalists on the Wednesday.

Here’s a picture of me with my favourite Sparkling, Asda Asti!

And then I’m told I can’t drink it…..!

It turns out I have a sweet tooth when it comes to wine and my favourite is White Zinfandel – Katie has taken it upon herself to educate me about the world of wine and so the story begins…

Posted by Alice on 14 October 2011
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