Fairtrade Wine

Did you know that 2 of the 3 official Olympic wines were Fairtrade?

Did you know that the first ever Fairtrade Certified Wine product was Thandi Pinot Noir, imported in the UK in January 2004?

And did you know that given a choice, 43% of customers would choose to buy a Fairtrade certified wine than a wine without certifications?

Fairtrade is not only big business, its great business too, and the wine team at Asda play a part in that!

The Fairhills wine project is one of the largest and most successful Fairtrade projects in the world and is now recognised as the world’s largest Fairtrade project in the wine industry.

The project was set up in 2005 in conjunction with the Du Toitskloof co-operative. Every bottle sold contributes to the Fairtrade premium, paid to the Joint Body Trust, which runs the project, to be spent on social, economic and environmental projects.

So far, the premiums has helped 1211 individuals between the ages of 3 months to 92 years, with projects including:

  • Renovating 3 day care facilities providing care and education to 172 children
  • Providing after-school care to 70 primary school scholars
  • Introducing the Usizo Library which provides 1500 books to support the reading and educational needs of the children
  • Constructing and implementing a mobile clinic to reach the beneficiaries on the farm

We currently support the project with 2 Fairhill wines: A fantastic crisp and refreshing Chenin Chardonnay, and a fruity full bodied Merlot Shiraz.

Click here to check out our Fairtrade wine now and keep an eye out in the New Year for more Fair trade news and wines!

Posted by Georgina on 03 December 2012
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