Cono Sur Vineyards - Chile Trip

The South American buyer Jo and selectors (myself and Philippa) have just been out to Chile to source some new wines and create new blend for the Asda brand and Extra Special ranges. For me, it has been my most exciting trip to date, so I’m going to share some of my favourite moments. To start I have to tell you about Cono Sur Vineyards.

We arrived late on the evening (in darkness as it is winter over there and cold), having done along day to tasting to be meet by more tasting (lots of Pinot Noirs, my fav) that went well into the evening. The team then had an early night to prepare for our bicycle ride around the vineyard in the morning – yes you read this correctly. All the workers use bicycles to get around as the vineyard is run biodynamically (in harmony with the earth and moon). Here are some of our photos:

Jo, Philippa and I ready to go.

This is Noelle from the Cono Sur team talking to us about the vines and the rose bushes that are planted to show if there is disease before the vines as a warning sign to winemakers.

We then went to see the geese coop; they have over 1000 geese that maintain the land during winter.

By this stage some of us thought we might loose the feeling in our fingers, as it was very cold. This photo shows the fog protecting the vineyards that lifts during the days. Chile is known its foggy mornings and sunny days, due to the influences of the coast and Andes Mountains.

We then cycled back to the house and had a cup of coffee to warm us up. It is a really unique way of touring a vineyard and a topic of conversation nearly all trip.

Posted by Katie on 25 June 2012
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