Asda Autumn/Winter wine tasting event in London

It’s Asda’s twice yearly wine tasting! We have some great wines on show, lots of new Extra Specials and exclusive lines for the journalists to taste!

We travelled down to London from the North to set up a tasting for all the wine journalists. We don’t quite know where to start. This is only half of the boxes we need to unpack – there are 150 wines

The end of day one, the set up is complete we just need to clear away the coffee cups

The day of the press tasting one of our winemakers Nathalie flies in to attend and give a quick Master Class.

We had a great turn out and here are some of the wine experts working there way through the selection teams favourite wines.

Simon Woods a wine blogger picks his favourite wine the Asda Marques del Norte Rioja – £4.23.

The day seemed to go really well, so hopefully the Asda wines will be seen in newspapers and blog sites very soon.

We will also be talking about the new lines here on Aisle Spy very soon.

Posted by Katie on 12 October 2011
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