Adventures in Italy - the wine team visit the Lugana winery

The wine selection team and Nick the Italian wine buyer have just come back from a trip to Northern Italy, we had a very busy schedule to follow, on strict time lines, but we managed to sneak in a few pictures on the way!

Here are some photos of the Lugana winery one of our new lines that has just come into the range.

This is Nick with our wines packed and waiting to be shipped to the UK.

Discussing the wine being aged
Here we are discussing the wine being aged in Oak barrels:

Soil levels
This shows the different layers in the soil of clay (top layer of brown soil) and limestone (yellow soil).

The winemaker excavated several areas where the vines grow, to assess the quality of the soil where the grapes are grown.

Wine tasting
And finally we got to taste several different vintages of our Lugana wine in the 14th Century farm house!

Lugana is a delicate white, smooth and minerally, with flavours of lemon and peach. Definitely worth a try! Then we jumped back in our car and headed of to the next winery.

Posted by Katie on 07 November 2011
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