A visit to the Vendee region of France - the home of Brioche

I’ve just returned from our fantastic Brioche and Vienoisserie supplier in the Vendee region of France – the home of Brioche.

Home of Brioche

The purpose of the visit was to explore new products that our customers would love to try, and check that we have the highest quality for our customers.

It was great to experience first hand the passion and bakery know how that the bakers have. I think you will agree from the photos the products look and are fantastic. Watch out in stores later in the year for some new and exciting Vieniosserie!

The highlight of my visit was seeing the ‘Army’ of Pain Au Chocolat travelling down the line ready to be packed.

Asda’s Brioche loaf is made to a fantastic recipe combining butter and egg for a rich, sweet flavour. It’s hand plaited – thought this would be easy but it’s a real skill!

Hand plaited

Posted by James on 22 July 2011
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