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In true pancake style I have asked Simon to share his chef top tips on how to make the perfect pancakes.

First tip is the recipe;

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 pint of milk
  • 1 cup flour (roughly)

You want to beat together pretty fast to remove any lumps, make sure the consistency is pretty runny so your pancakes will be quite thin.

Second tip, always use a non stick pan and a tiny tiny bit of oil – never butter because it burns too quickly.

The result looked amazing as you can see from the picture. Simon’s favourite topping is for those of you with a very sweet tooth – maple syrup and double cream.

There are loads of different recipes out there and although Simon’s was very nice, I was taught a different recipe but equally as tasty. I grew up in the states and my mum made thicker American style pancakes using self raising flour instead of thin crepes which Simon’s recipe made.

And finally my top tip; my favourite recipe is to add a heaped tablespoon of custard powder to the batter. It makes the colour a lovely golden yellow and as you can imagine gives the pancakes a beautiful creamy sweet vanilla flavour. Try it, honestly you won’t go back.

Posted in Aisle Spy Bakery Blog on 15 February 2010
Aisle Spy Bakery Blog

It’s not too early to start talking about Christmas is it? Hope not, because the other day I ate my first mince pie of the year for pure pleasure, and not for work.

We have some very exciting news…drum roll please…our Extra Special 4 pack Mince Pies & Pork Sage & onion stuffing have been ‘tried, tested and trusted’ by the Good Housekeeping Institute and are featured in their December issue.

Posted in Aisle Spy Bakery Blog on 19 November 2009
Aisle Spy Bakery Blog

Last Wednesday I had my mind cast back to childhood and my favourite foods. I wasn’t just day dreaming at work, I was in London for a Nostalgia food trends conference. Think arctic roll, wispa bars or liquorice sherbet. For me it was more like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and snickerdoodle biscuits though !

The main topic of discussion last week was how the comfort food trend is growing and retro products are relaunching. Some of the speakers explored the reasons behind the emergence of this trend. There would have been just under 100 people who attended. A mixture of other retailers and suppliers from the food industry.

Posted in Aisle Spy Bakery Blog on 11 November 2009