This week I have been to Cornwall, the home of the ‘real’ Cornish pasties, to see some of my new September launches being made.

Rowes Bakery are specialists in their field with over 60 years of bakery experience. As they are based in Cornwall this means that their Cornish pasties are traditional and genuine.

Trying my hand at making a Cornish pasty

While on site I took the opportunity to hand crimp my own Cornish pasties. Needless to say, I should not give up the day job! Hand crimped pasties are available in several stores in the southwest of the country.

A selection of our new range for September which are bread based, offer a healthier alternative to its traditional pastry cousin – so look out for the Bacon Wrap, Sausage and Been Filled Roll, Cheese and Ham Filled Sub and the Apple Cranberry and Granola Swirl. These products are freshly baked instore and will be sold in the new snacking range.

Our new September range

Posted by James on 10 August 2011

I’ve just returned from our fantastic Brioche and Vienoisserie supplier in the Vendee region of France – the home of Brioche.

Home of Brioche

The purpose of the visit was to explore new products that our customers would love to try, and check that we have the highest quality for our customers.

It was great to experience first hand the passion and bakery know how that the bakers have. I think you will agree from the photos the products look and are fantastic. Watch out in stores later in the year for some new and exciting Vieniosserie!

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Posted by James on 22 July 2011

If you are a frantic mum trying to plan a kid’s birthday party and stressing more over the cake than your child actually enjoying the day, then here is where Asda can help!

This week we have launched a fabulous new range of Kids Celebration Cakes and they are 3D visuals… No more round flat cakes – they now have their own character.

There are 12 cakes to choose from and my favourite is Cheeky Monkey.Customers are loving them too as they are flying off the shelves!

Be sure to try some when you’re planning a party or you just want a nice cake!

Posted by Kerri on 08 April 2011

My name is Kerri and I’m the product manager for all things cake at Asda.

I probably have the best job in the world as I get to try lots of yummy cakes and get inspiration from all over the world that help us create fabulously delicious cakes for our customers.

Posted by Kerri on 08 April 2011

Hi, I’m James and I’m passionate about bread. My job is to make sure we have the very best quality bread for our customers.

I work closely with our in-store bakers and our key suppliers to provide a great variety and fantastic-tasting bread, from foccacia to white sliced loaves!

Let me introduce you the world of bread-making at Asda.

Posted by James on 08 April 2011