Blur bass player turned cheesemaker Alex James is back on tour – but he’s left the big name venues behind to go round Asda stores and chat to customers about his new cheese range.

It’s a bit like a record coming out – when you go on tour. You see people’s faces light up when you play and it’s a bit like that when you give people cheese.

It’s really good getting people to try the cheese, seeing what they think of it and getting some feedback.

Posted by Alex on 13 October 2011

Alex James has launched his new cheese range at Asda

In his latest blog post Alex hits back at food critics of his new cheese range, saying don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Food prigs never have a grasp on what people actually like to eat.

For the vast majority of Brits smelly cheese is every bit as terrifying as salad cream is to a food snob.

Good old everyday cheese needs a kick up the pants – 98% of households buy the stuff, but most people just grab whatever is the cheapest this week. Shopping for cheese has become a chore and buying cheese should be one of life’s little pleasures.

Cheese is fun. It’s cheese. This range is all about what I actually eat every day with my family.

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Posted by Alex on 24 August 2011

Spudsworth is something I invented for the kids – I chopped up different kinds of cheese, mixed it together and melted it in the microwave and poured it over their potatoes.

I sometimes wish I hadn’t invented it because it’s so delicious I find it hard not to eat it!

Posted by Alex on 17 August 2011

Everyone loves cheese on toast. The problem with sliced cheese for cheese on toast is it doesn’t fit the bread. So I set out to make the perfect cheese for cheese on toast.

Posted by Alex on 17 August 2011

Alex James – award-winning cheesemaker and former Blur bass player – has teamed up with Asda to create a fantastically innovative new range of cheese. And he’s blogging for us here on Aisle Spy.

Watch his first blog post video above to see why he’s so passionate about the new range – and see how he came up with the ideas for some of the wonderful products like his microwavable Spudsworth cheese that’s so tasty when you pour it over jacket potatoes and his slice-of-bread-sized blankets of cheese that are perfect for cheese on toast.

Posted by Alex on 16 August 2011