Asda Active

Get kids active this summer with our Asda Active game cards

Our Asda Community Champions will be busy helping schools and clubs to get children to be more active this summer.

Asda Active

They’ll be supporting sports days with their local schools and community groups, as well as providing children, teachers, group leaders and parents with some great ideas for fun games they can all get involved with – like this King of the Jungle game.

Game sheet

To make it easy for everyone to get active with Asda we’ve created eight different game cards. They’re all designed to make being active simple and fun, so why not download or print them and get friends together to have a go yourself?

Game one: Side By Side

Game two: Parachute Tag

Game three: King of the Jungle

Game four: Run Around

Game five: Bean Bag Challenge

Game six: Gates

Game seven: Bucket Blast

Game eight: Bumper Ball

Asda Active: Look out for photos from our Community Champions as they join sports days and other fun activities. We’ll post a selection of them here and on Twitter at @asdacommunity.

Posted in Asda Active on 15 June 2017