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This summer 7,500 trained sports leaders helped over 61,000 young people run, jump, skip and dance their way to fitness with Asda Active Sports Days, powered by Sports Leaders UK.

Asda Active

The events incorporated a wide variety of different sports with a focus on participation over competition, from more traditional sports day fun and games to taster sessions in activities such as archery, Zumba, tennis and basketball.

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Posted in Asda Active on 08 April 2015
Asda Active

Between our summer sporting activities our Community Life champions across the UK have been training on the Sports Leaders UK Day Certificate course.

Training on the Sports Leaders UK day certificate

As well as learning lots of leadership skills, it’s also grown our awareness of what Sports Leaders get up to and how they can support their communities to get more active!

Posted in Asda Active on 08 April 2015
Asda Active

Download the Asda Active activity sheet

We’ve put together an activity sheet with some simple and fun activities that are a brilliant way to keep younger children busy and active at home, without spending a fortune on new equipment!

Your kids won’t even notice they are keeping active, plus the skills they learn across the 10 activities all build key areas of physical literacy such as catching, balancing and jumping.

Download the activity sheet to find great activities like sock targets, balloon keepie uppie, stepping stones and boogie time that kids are sure to love playing with their friends.

If your kids are having an active day remember to:

  • Eat a piece of fruit like an apple or banana if you need a snack
  • Drink plenty of water during the day so you don’t get thirst
  • Have a healthy breakfast to give you fuel for the day

These skills have to be learnt and practised so why not try out an activity on your future sports leaders?

Download and print: Click here to download and print our fun activity sheet with great ideas on how to get active at home.

Posted in Asda Active on 07 April 2015
Asda Active

Sports Leaders UK has launched an awareness campaign called ‘Give More. Become More.’ urging young people across the UK to develop their leadership skills via volunteering.

The campaign is spearheaded by a short film that highlights how young people can become more qualified, experienced, employable, community minded, ambitious and active. Sports Leaders UK are also calling on teachers, parents and sports clubs to help.

Posted in Asda Active on 07 April 2015
Asda Active

This summer Asda Active Sports Leaders delivered 320 summer sports days nationwide. An army of 7,000 sports leaders across the UK planned and delivered activities for 52,000 primary school children from over 1100 primary schools.

A hot day of activity in Portsmouth. Lucky the local fire service where on hand to offer a refreshing shower

They were involved in a range of activity days from mini Olympics and football world cup tournaments to traditional school sports days. Thousands of young people were out in the sun (and the rain) getting active and carrying the torch for the Olympic legacy. We had a great summer and are already building plans for 2014!

All the events were provided with healthy snacks from the Asda range with plenty of fruit and water to keep everyone hydrated and energy levels high.

Healthy snacks to keep energy levels high

Sign up to the Asda Active panel so we can keep you updated and ask your opinion on how best we can support your community.

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