About Asda

Great value and great quality are the hallmarks of our food at Asda

At Asda we believe great prices don’t mean compromising on quality – and in 2011 we were not only named Britain’s Best Value Retailer for the 14th year running but also won Meat and Fish Retailer of the Year and Supreme Supermarket Champion at the prestigious Nantwich Cheese Awards.

Award-winning cheese at Asda

We’ve won more than 300 awards for our food in the last 12 months and many of our suppliers are award-winners too.

Our entire range of own label food and drink is free from colourings and flavourings – and across our main own label brands you’ll find something to suit every palette and occasion.

Asda Chosen by you chilled dessertsOur biggest range is Chosen by you where every single product is tried, tasted and approved by the people who matter most – shoppers like you – before they are allowed on to the shelves.

An independent research company goes out on to the street in 70 towns and cities across the UK to find a broad range of people who shop at different supermarkets.

They invite them to blind taste-testing sessions where they are asked to review and rate each product.

Only the ones that pass the taste tests are allowed into the Chosen by you range.

Since the launch of Chosen by you in October 2010 more than 7000 products have been given the thumbs-up in 400,000 taste tests. You can watch our Chosen by you TV ads from summer 2011 on our YouTube channel.

We love to get feedback on our food so even if you haven’t had the chance to take part in a Chosen by you taste test you can get involved via the Asda Facebook page. Our food teams like to use Facebook to ask specific questions about products in development or ideas for something new.

Our premium brand at Asda is Extra Special – which offers the best food and drink around – all made from authentic, top quality ingredients.

World renowned Leiths School of Food got behind the Asda Extra Special range this Christmas – their expert chefs picked out their favourite products and ingredients and helped our customers with recommendations, tips and recipes. You can see the results in the TV ad:

If you’re shopping on a tight budget our Smart Price range has all the everyday essentials you need at unbeatable prices.

And look out for our Good For You range if you want great-tasting meals and products with a lower fat content.

Other own label ranges include Asda Organics, Asda Great Stuff for kids and “free from” ranges for customers with food intolerances.

12 December 2011