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From a Netto to an Asda - watch two weeks' work in just a minute

It takes us just two weeks to convert a Netto store into a new-look Asda supermarket – and you can see every step of that process in our special time-lapse video, which condenses the transformation of our Little Horton store into just a minute.

Converting a Netto into an AsdaOnce the old store is gutted we start the process of creating the unique Asda look and installing enough shelving for the 10,000 grocery products the new supermarkets stock.

Lottery ticket machines are installed, as well as cash machines and self-serve checkouts.

The store really starts to take shape in the last few days before opening as our new colleagues get to work filling the shelves.

You can see how the conversion work progresses over the two weeks – from the gutted Netto store to the fully fitted-out new Asda – in the photo gallery below. Click on the first picture and then use the Next arrows.

Every store has a dedicated bakery area with lots of fresh bread and tempting cakes and pastries. There’s lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, ready meals and tasty hot chicken.

Our aim is to make sure you’re able to do a full weekly shop in your local supermarket – and unlike our rivals we don’t charge a penny more for the convenience of shopping closer to home.

The best way to see what’s on offer is to check out this video of our colleagues getting ready for the opening of one of our stores:

Posted in About Asda on 29 July 2011