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A limo might be the most popular method of transport when it comes to travelling to the school prom in style but James Corker had a much better way to turn heads – he arrived for his prom night in an Asda lorry!

James and the Asda lorry

James’s school friends burst into applause when the lorry turned up outside The Cavendish High School Academy in Runcorn.

James, who is 19 and has severe autism, is Asda lorry mad. He’s been a regular visitor at our Warrington depot for the past three years. Our colleagues look forward to him popping in to look at the vehicles and help out – so when they heard his school prom was coming up they decided there was only one way for him to get there!

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Posted in News & Blogs on 31 July 2015
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Love the song from our latest Pocket Tap TV adverts? It’s a track called ‘Oh My Love’ by American band The Score.

The duo from New York performed on Tuesday night in Manchester – streamed live on Periscope – and loads of fans tuned it to see them play a few of their songs including the catchy pocket-tapping tune ‘Oh My Love’!

You can watch it here:

During the live session, Eddie and Edan answered questions from fans and Asda customers. They told us how they met, what touring the UK has been like, and how they came to be the sound of our new Pocket Tap TV adverts.

The song is currently number 26 in the iTunes charts – and we’d love to see it climb even further – you can download ‘Oh My Love’ here.

Posted in News & Blogs on 30 July 2015
Asda Cakes

Elaine Burke is “the Mary Berry of Huddersfield police station” – always baking cakes and biscuits for her friends and colleagues.

That’s why Elaine’s daughter Tasmin took time out from her wedding preparations to nominate her for a visit from our #cakemyday team.

Elaine with a cake

Elaine bakes for colleagues at work every week, so we decided to take a treat to the police officer who always puts other people first by presenting her with some cakes just before she and her colleagues started their shift.

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Posted in Asda Cakes on 25 July 2015
Asda Cakes

Gladys Dorward has been shopping at Asda ever since her first local store opened – so as part of our 50th birthday celebrations we said thank you for her loyal custom with a cake and some flowers.

Gladys was nominated for a #cakemyday surprise by her daughter Linda Donnelly, who told us that her mum has been shopping at Asda ever since the first local store opened in Halifax, and has since moved to the nearer store in Huddersfield for her weekly shop.

Gladys and her Cake My Day surprised

Gladys, who’s 84, has lived on her own since her husband died 20 years ago and her daughter Linda has taken her to Asda Huddersfield every Thursday afternoon since then.

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Posted in Asda Cakes on 25 July 2015
Asda Cakes

Emma Ramsay loves baking and makes amazing cakes for her friends and family. The only trouble is she’s too good at it – so when it comes to her birthday no-one dares bake her one in return!

Emma Ramsay with her cake

That’s why Emma’s sister Niki Finnie nominated her for a visit from the Asda Cake My Day team while we were in Edinburgh.

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Posted in Asda Cakes on 21 July 2015