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To celebrate National Burger Day we’ve teamed up with a leading chef and flavour researcher to find out what makes the perfectly balanced burger.

The perfectly balanced burger

Charles Michel, who has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants and is Chef-in-Residence and researcher on flavour perception at Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, says the perfect burger should be 7cm tall and feature nine layers.

Magic ingredients include soy sauce, Serrano ham, camembert and Chipotle sauce, while ketchup should be spread right to the edge of the bun, not dolloped in the middle.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 26 August 2015
News & Blogs

How’s this for a dream job? Our Chief Ice Cream Tester Louise Bamber tastes every new ice cream flavour before it goes on sale and travels the world looking for new and inspiring trends!

Louise at work

Louise and her team came up with the idea for teaming much-loved biscuits with ice cream for a tasty summer snack. Our Bourbon Biscuit and Custard Cream ice creams have been flying off the shelves this summer – and it sounds like there may be more to come.

Louise said: “Not only do they bring back fond memories but they also differ from the standard choc ice or cone. We’re already being asked to develop new biscuit-themed flavours!”

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Posted in News & Blogs on 25 August 2015
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Our kind colleague Jennifer Murray always goes out of her way to help customers – but she was stunned when someone returned the compliment all the way from Australia!

Jennifer with her boomerang

Jenny, who works at our Dyce store, helped visiting customer Adam Contenien, who was looking for a porridge stirrer known as a spurtle to take home to his mum in Australia.

The store didn’t have any in stock – but Jennifer told Adam to come back the next day so she could give him one of the three spurtles she had at home.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 24 August 2015

We’ve been a keen supporter of the Willow Garden Project in Fleetwood ever since it launched two years ago – and this month we’ve been back painting sheds!

Sheds at Willow Garden

Our Community Life Champion Layla, store manager Lee and managers Craig and Mark all pitched in to give the sheds a fresh new look, and we’ll also be painting the fencing to match.

Layla said: “It was great fun. They looked fab afterwards and it was a competition to see which side was the best!”

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Posted in Community on 24 August 2015
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Our Community Life Champions are holding fun events and passing on some great tips across the country to help customers cut down on the amount of food they waste.

We're supporting Love Food, Hate Waste

Research shows that more than four million tonnes of food that could have been eaten is thrown away each year, costing families an average of £60 per month.

So we’re supporting the Love Food, Hate Waste charity, which aims to help people reduce the amount of food they waste and save money.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 21 August 2015